Like Oolong tea, Feiyan Tea is a traditional drink of china. Origination of this drink is associated with Chinese beauty named Fei Yan Zhoa whose picture is also printed on product pack. She was famous for her sliming beauty. She used to drink this tea to maintain her beauty. fei_yan_tea_big

At present this drink has created great demand in other countries rather than china as well. It comes in different versions because market is full of its copies, so original brand sell it with many versions i.e. version 1, version 2 etc.

Major divergence in different versions is basically due to the ingredients used in them. All the ingredients are natural herbs and usually have positive results. Every version has same effect. Few benefits of this drink are given below:

  • It suppresses appetite.
  • Metabolic system is boosted by the use of this tea.
  • It helps in burning extra fats and calories which results in weight reduction
  • It promotes digestion.
  • It helps you in unblocking constipation.
  • For blood pressure patients it is good because it promotes blood circulation.
  • It eliminations toxin elements from your body.
  • This drink is also good for stomach and lungs.


Preparation method is same like simple tea. Usually it comes prepared in form of tea bags. Put a tea bag in boiled water for 2-3 minutes. One tea bag should be used for one cup. Tea is ready to use.

Usage of Tea:

For weight loss you need to take a cup daily and by using same quantity you may loss 2-3 kg weight in a month. Usually slimming course is for three months. You will find awesome results at the end of three months.


  • Pregnant women should not use this drink.
  • Lactating women are also prohibited for its use.
  • Children are advised not to drink this tea.

You can also order slimming tea online. For this you need to visit Springherb


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